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LG Dubai, through the help of Mindshare Dubai and Y&R Dubai<, has launched Around the World in 80 Days.

By using LG’s 2010 global platform of ‘Live Borderless’, an online competition called Around the World in 80 Days was created.

This drove people to an interactive website Live Borderless using a viral campaign with a strong presence on social networking sites, ads, posters, OOH, online banners and various cinemas.


Creative Credits:

  • Rebecca Akl – Mindshare Executive for Invention
  • Nizar Abou Saab – Mindshare Director for Client Leadership
  • Dana Adhami – Mindshare Director for Invention Insights

The Idea and Strategy:

Every TV experience is a strong reflection of the consumers’ personal status and lifestyle.  Thus, selecting a TV brand is very rational and emotional at the same time.

The challenge was to launch the New LG LCD/LED Borderless TV against two very established and dominant brands that own the LED space.

Rather than joining the Samsung/Sony fight, LG decided to create and own a new un-tackled segment. The said company carved a niche for themselves around the “borderless” concept.

The “Around The World in 80Days” concept was launched to get people emotionally connected to the Borderless TV, by giving them the chance to live their borderless dream.

Participants registered their Borderless idea for a chance to win $100,000 plus Unlimited Business flights in order to experience their dream.


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