Around the World in 80 Days?

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Over 870,000 visitors, 87,000 registers, 15,000 participants, and 2 million clicks — these overwhelming figures are the results of the ‘LIVE BORDERLESS’ campaign, the promotion for LG’s LED LCD TVs.  It all began to communicate and spread out the concept of ‘LIVE BORDERLESS’.

After many sleepless nights and pondering, the idea of ‘A journey around the world’ suddenly popped up and seemed perfect.  To travel around the world which is probably something that everyone dreams of and yet remains just a dream for most people describes precisely the ‘Borderless Life’ LG wished to convey.

The other day, this idea was chosen by a unanimous vote.  Then, LG started to prepare for the campaign called ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.

The Revival of ‘Dramatic Chipmunk,’ the Star of YouTube

‘Viral Content’ is the key for a successful campaign.  After thinking what kind of content people would be interested in, LG decided to make a remake of the famous ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’ received millions of views on the internet.  See the incredibly cute and yet dramatic chipmunk!

After uploading this content on YouTube, it had about 2 million hits and the number of visitors at micro site ( was incredibly increased.

The campaign, via a worldwide competition, invited people to send in videos of themselves explaining how they plan to ‘live borderless’ for 80 days, reflecting the original concept of LG’s premium LED LCD TVs.  The campaign helped achieve substantial PR exposure worth US$3.6 million in many regions.

In little over two months, the contest saw over 87,000 people register and received 15,272 video submissions through the site.  Majority of the entries came from the United States of America (10,000 or more), followed by the United Arab Emirates where the campaign was carried out with over 5,000 entries.

Dramatic Chipmunk Escapes

Dramatic Chipmunk in Bahamas

Dramatic Chipmunk on Top of Burj Dubai